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    Model: Lightbulb Moments
    For tough decisions, strokes of brilliance, and next big things. This delicate and soothing roast is sure to spark brainstorms and change the world, one cup at a time. Available in 340g or 2.27kg sizes...
    Model: Night Shift Espresso
    For jump starts, quick fixes, and burning the midnight oil. This luscious seasonal blend has a lingering finish and is sure to get you through the longest of nights and toughest of days. Available in 340g or 2.27kg sizes...
    Model: Nowhere Fast Decaf
    For winding down, mellowing out, and generally not doing a whole lot. Our Swiss Water Decaf is a robust brew proven to mystify even the most expert caffeine aficionados. Available in 340g or 2.27kg sizes. ..
    Model: The Daily Grind
    For hustlers, nine-to-fivers and more than just breakfast. With smooth and balanced notes, this rotating seasonal blend isn't your run of the mill, average joe, everyday drip.Available in 340g or 2.27kg sizes. ..
    Model: The Early Bird
    For fresh starts, go-getters and seizing the day. The high precipitation and volcanic rich soil of Lake Atitlan give this coffee complex and sweet flavours sure to get even the sleepiest of eyes rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn. Carpe Diem, my friend. Carpe Diem. Available in 340g or 2.2..
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