How it Works

Place Your Order.
  •     Simply shop multiple vendors at one time. Place items in your cart and proceed to checkout.
  •     Order online or place your order by phone.
  • Order by 12pm Monday (for delivery Tuesday) or order by 12pm Thursday (for delivery Friday).

We Do The Shopping.
  •     We will visit any store in our Marketplace. Items big or small, in few or plenty.

Items Arrive.
  •     Your complete list accurately fulfilled and delivered to your door.
  •     You can place orders on behalf of your friends or family across Canada.
  •     Our delivery days are Tuesday and Fridays each week.
  •     Upon receipt we will review your order and contact you to arrange delivery.

Payment at Door.
  •      Service is $10 flat rate for delivery. Shop as many vendors as you would like for only $10.
  •      Choose to pay by cash, credit card, debit or contactless etransfer.